7 Movie Rednecks Nancy Grace Would Love To Exploit

Tuesday, August 30 by

H.I. McDunnough, Raising Arizona

A furniture magnate’s baby is stolen by a yokel. If this story were true, Grace’s eyes would actually comically morph into the shape of dollar signs.

Mickey and Mallory Knox, Natural Born Killers

Media-savvy serial killers: Does it get any better? Though, they do seem to have a penchant for murdering news personalities. Better send an intern to cover.

Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

An inbred cannibal terrorizes the plains of Texas with a chainsaw. A face-to-face interview/unmasking special would be a guaranteed Peabody Award.

Tucker and Dale, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Though not technically killers, Tucker and Dale could be positioned as the victims. And victims have rights! And these guys have Southern accents and questionable hygiene. In other words, they’re stars in the making.

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