7 Classic Ricky Gervais Clips

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With two hit television shows, a best selling book series, and the world’s most downloaded podcast under his belt, about the only thing left for Ricky Gervais to conquer is the silver screen. And with the upcoming release of The Invention of Lying (Oct. 2), Gervais is poised to do just that…unless of course it’s anything like Ghost Town.

In honor of this comedic Renaissance man and his new film, we’ve compiled our seven favorite classic Ricky Gervais clips. 


Gervais, the Stand-Up Comedian/MC:

Not many comedians can reference both AIDS and the Holocaust and still get a laugh (unless Mel Gibson or my dad are in the audience). But Ricky Gervais pulls it off flawlessly. 


Gervais, the Singer/Song Writer:

The American version of The Office is great, but it pales in comparison to the original. Here’s Ricky Gervais showing off his singing ability in a scene from season one (and a bonus clip of David Bowie singing a Gervais original on Extras).



Gervais, the Dancer:

As you’ll see in this clip from the second season of The Office, when it comes to dancing, Gervais makes Hugh Jackman look straight.



Ricky Gervais, Friend to the Muppets:

Finally, someone who isn’t afraid to put that that little red bastard in his place.



Just Plain Awesome:

I couldn’t think of a catchy title for this clip, so I went for accuracy. Patrick Stewart and Ricky Gervais discuss their craft in a scene from Extras.


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