7 Celebrity Netflix Queues

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You’re big fan of some Hollywood celebrity. You want to learn more about their private lives. And Us Weekly’s "Stars: They’re just like us!" section stopped being riveting after you found out Christian Slater drinks Starbucks. 


You want to learn the dirt… the real dirt… but you don’t want to have to root through the celeb’s trash bins for goodies. All that usually gets you is a bunch of hot garbage and a night in jail where hot garbage smell is an aphrodisiac for your cell mates. 


Well, thanks to the internet, you can now just hack into her Netflix account. After all, sometimes a DVD rental queue is much more telling than a heap of old groceries, anyway.


Here are 7 celebrity Netflix queues we managed to get hold of. And by get hold of, we mean create in Photoshop


Malin Akerman


Channing Tatum


Kevin James


Jesse Eisenberg


Hugh Jackman


Vin Diesel


Gwyneth Paltrow


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