There are many well-known musicians and rock stars who have been able to parlay their fame into successful acting careers. Then there are others who have not. In fact, thereare a few that have had trouble even playing themselves. In other cases, the performances are awesome but their cameos are just so out of left field that it's awkward to watch.

Here a seven rock stars who won't win any acting prizes and will have to find comfort in their Grammy Awards and throngs of screaming fans.

Gwar, Empire Records

If you give it a good listen, this one doesn't fall on Gwar's shoulders. They actually redubbed the voice of Oderus Urungus because, "I refused to do the stupid lines they had so they just took out my voice and put in what they needed. I had no idea until I saw it!"

It's too bad the other rock and roll stars on this list can't say the same.

The Ramones, Rock N' Roll High School

As awesome as The Ramones are, they should stick to drunkenly stumbling about the stage and recording studio, not a film set.

Tom Petty, The Postman

Of course, Tom Petty survives the apocalypse and goes on to manage a settlement. And I'm not talking about Tom Petty playing a guy who manages a settlement. I'm talking about Tom Petty playing Tom Petty managing a settlement.  I guess it's not that far fetched when you consider how he kept the Heartbreakers in line all those years.

Bruce Springsteen, High Fidelity

Not even Springsteen can be good at everything.

Lemmy, Airheads

Actually, this is a pretty awesome cameo from Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. Especially considering the amount of drugs he's done.

Alice Cooper, Wayne's World

Alice Cooper proves himself to be as entertaining as he is informative.

The Flaming Lips, Beverly Hills 90210

Just weird. The Steve Sanders Seal of Approval is the quickest way to lose your indie cred.