6 Ways Steve Jobs Changed The Way We Watch Movies

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To the best of our knowledge, Steve Jobs did not actually change the trailer. What he did do, however, is put trailers — “the best part of going to the movies” — all together in one place on Apple.com. How many hours did you spend in college huddled around your laptop waiting to see this summer’s upcoming blockbusters on Apple.com? Rather than having to hunt down a trailer or two here and there, you can now browse through trailers, getting a first glimpse and even finding out about movies you hadn’t previously heard of.


This really does require a bullet point of its own. In the 20th Century, cartoon family movies were, for the most part, lame, boring, maudlin, sticky-sweet affairs with predictable morality plays. In the 21st Century, animated family film got an edge to it — movies that literally the whole family could enjoy, even your surly teenage brother going through his cutting-the-heads-off-Barbies phase. For the last 25 years Pixar has made computer-animated films that are fun, funny and stick in your mind for years to come.

Thanks, Steve. You’ll be missed.

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