6 Ways Steve Jobs Changed The Way We Watch Movies

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Much like with music, few had the imagination to see precisely how drastically the world of media changed with the digital age. Jobs did, however, realizing that many people, particularly young people, would much rather download a film than create a library of discs. The problem is, he wanted people to pay for it. Still, while the widespread growth of torrenting and pirating digital media certainly isn’t attributable to Jobs, he certainly did egg it on by making the disc decidedly passé.


Kind of a bomb, the AppleTV might just be like Newton — ahead of its time. Sitting around on your computer, staring at a tiny screen version of your favorite films and television shows, you want a way to get that on the big screen. While not impossible with current technology by any means, it’s more work than most people want to get into. Your television needs an iPod. That’s what the AppleTV is, in a sense. Mark our words — in five years time this type of thing is going to be as common as a laptop.

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