6 Ways Steve Jobs Changed The Way We Watch Movies

Thursday, October 6 by
Steve Jobs via 'South Park' 

No joking around, kids. It’s a really sad day.

While the iPad isn’t intended solely as a video player, the ability to watch a film or television show anywhere there’s a WiFi connection would have been unheard of just a few years ago. Combined with streaming video technology, the device has radically altered the entertainment landscape, creating an appetite for instantaneous consumption of film and television shows, and challenging the need for set broadcast times and the theatrical release of films.

Final Cut Pro

No longer do you need to have film-editing equipment to make yourself a movie. All you need is a digital camera and a bootlegged copy of Final Cut Pro. The product revolutionized the world of film, making viral videos, webisodes, fan series and truly independent film in the reach of anyone who can point and shoot. Perhaps more than any other product in film history, Final Cut Pro leveled the playing field, democratizing the world of film.

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