6 Greatest Zombie Movie Escape Scenes

Thursday, October 20 by
Zombie Parkour Runner 

Getting attacked by zombies is tough. You basically have two options – submit to their clawing and biting, or try to escape. You might even try and fight back while you’re at it. Below you’ll find some brave souls who opted for the latter option – with mixed results.

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The Return of the Living Dead

Sometimes, in order to escape a mass of zombies, you have to do things you might not otherwise do under normal circumstances. Like in The Return of the Living Dead, unlikely partners Freddy and Spider make a plan to rush to an abandoned police car, swing back to pick up the other two members of their group, and get the hell out of there. But the sheer number of zombies forces Freddy to make a tough choice: They bail on their intended promise and put metal to floor – anything to get away from the zombies. He tells himself they’re going to go back for them, but both Freddy and Spider know the truth: There is no going back.

Dead Alive

Never let it be said that zombie movies don’t have happy endings. In Peter Jackson‘s Dead Alive, Lionel has to do a lot of terrible things to escape his zombie infested suburb, including literally mowing down hundreds of his former friends and family members, and taking a blender to them when the lawnmower stops being effective. But in one of the great zombie escapes – defeats, actually – he kills his giant zombie mother (long story) and walks off into the sunset, arm-in-arm with his girlfriend. If you’re a fan of zombie movies, you know just how rare an escape like this really is.

Night of the Living Dead

One of the recurring themes of zombie movies is that there IS no escape, and that any escape you might make from a horde of unthinking flesh-eating zombies is a temporary respite at best. This idea is captured perfectly in a famous sequence in Night of the Living Dead, in which a mother escapes a group of zombies by fleeing into her basement where she finds her daughter, who’s been turned into one of them too.

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