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Being hailed as this year’s breakout Sundance hit, 500 Days of Summer opens in limited release this weekend.  While I cannot attest to whether or not it’s a breakout Sundance hit, I can confirm that it is a breakout reason to see Zooey Deschanel act adorable on a giant movie screen.  Although, to be fair, every movie she is in counts as one of those.  From small parts in films like Almost Famous to a romantic lead in the holiday classic Elf, she’s been every indie nerd’s dream for quite a while (she even has a respectable indie band, for goodness sakes!).  She even made The Happening bearable!… well, ok, she actually didn’t, but it’s not like she hurt the already awful movie or anything.

A word from Zooey: I don’t really like to go out very much. I’m not scandalous. I’m not, like, in this to be famous. I also find it so embarrassing when you read about people and it’s like they were so trashed at Skybar and stumbling around. I don’t want to be that person. That’s just so embarrassing to have that written about you.”

…And that’s exactly why you’re awesome, Zooey.  Check out more non-scandalous, albeit very pretty, photos of her after the jump!

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