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Sam Raimi is back in theaters this week with Drag Me To Hell, a gnarly revenge tale focusing on the repercussions of a selfish act. It’s his first non-Spider-Man film since 2000 and, judging by trailer, it seems he’s been eager to flex his genre muscles. He’s always been a tremendously inventive director with a wicked taste for the macabre and this film will surely display these skills. Below are five disturbing scenes we’ve compiled to give you a sense of the man’s work…



The Raimi-scripted Darkman tells the tale of Peyton Westlake, a horrifically burned scientist who undergoes a radical treatment that severs all of the nerve endings connected to his skin. As a result, he is incapable of feeling physical pain and his brain overcompensates by increasing his emotional output. In other words, the fun combo of super strength mixed with anger issues. The below clip is what happens when you don’t give Liam Neeson his pink elephant.

Aaahhh!!! – Watch more Funny Videos



The Evil Dead is the cult hit that made people aware of Sam Raimi, his twisted visions, and his buddy Bruce in the first place. The horribly gory film centers on a group of vacationing college students besieged by evil spirits. Although the film is packed to the brim with blood and guts and decomposing flesh, the clip we have chosen to show centers on a young woman being violated by a possessed forest. In the forest’s defense, she totally wanted it.

Evil Dead Clip-Woman Gets Raped By The Forest – Watch more Funny Videos



Raimi broke through to the mainstream with his take on the dramatic life of secret-superhero, Peter Parker. Spiderman 2 shows the web-crawler squaring off against his greatest foe, Doctor Octopus. The below scene has Raimi’s fingerprints all over it. The camera work, hysteria, and chainsaw are all nods to his horror film roots. Watch this very cool scene where Doctor Octopus massacres a team of surgeons while simultaneously catching a power nap.

Spider-Man 2.1 (Hospital Massacre) – Watch more Funny Videos


Sam Raimi puts on his producer’s cap for this one. No. He didn’t write it. And he didn’t direct it. But it’s disturbing and his name is on the poster. Therefore it makes the list. Without further ado Vomit Fans, a girl puking milk.

The Grudge 2 Milk Scene – Watch more Funny Videos


Sam Raimi seems to have a thing for hands and that is displayed upfront in his most famous and iconic scene. From Evil Dead 2, Bruce Campbell’s Ash has lost control of his hand. It has become possessed by evil and is intent on murdering him. He literally cuts his problem off at the wrist thanks to a conveniently placed chainsaw. I’ve done far more grotesque things with my hand but this is still a really intense scene.

Evil dead 2, Whos Laughing now sceene – Watch more Funny Videos


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