This weekend, Emma Watson's role as Hermione Granger comes to a close with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Ten years after the release of the first film, fans from around the world will be forced to say goodbye to the characters they've grown to know and love.

However, after spending the past hour on YouTube looking at Emma Watson tribute videos, I think it's safe to say that a few fans will probably have a hard time saying goodbye. In fact, based on what I've been seeing, I'd be shocked if at least one obsessed maniac didn't try to capture the actress in order to keep her in his basement and slowly eat her skin. With that in mind, I present to you 5 creepy fan-made Emma Watson tribute videos. Enjoy, and "Broktoon" to all!

5. Suddenly I See - by KiwiFashionista

Suddenly I see...the reason they invented restraining orders. Seriously, matching these lyrics to a video of a grown woman might be acceptable (and by "acceptable" I mean slightly less creepy), but setting this song to images of girl who isn't even 16 just screams "fire up the rape van and let's go cruising!"

4. Sweet Sixteen - by emmawatsonsf

"A music video I made for Emma Watson's birthday, since she turned 16 on April 15th, 2006. Happy birthday, Em. XP"

Translation: "It's your birthday, and I long to be reborn into your flesh." Seriously, who wouldn't be creeped out by birthday wishes from a stranger? Given half a chance, this person would skin Emma Watson alive. Keep an eye on your house pets, Emma.

3. Lunch with Mystery Man - by portolux

This video is only 15 seconds long, but it manages to pack in at least ten minutes worth of creepiness. In case you can't tell from the title, it's just some still images of Emma Watson having a private lunch with a friend. Normally, this would be called stalking, but since the pictures are set to pop music, I guess that makes it OK. I can't wait to see the follow-up video, "Emma Watson defecates on my toilet cam," set to the soothing sounds of Joss Stone.

2. 'Requiem' - by baudinello

When I started this article, I was under the false impression that creating a montage of Emma Watson photos set to cheesy pop songs was kind of creepy. How wrong I was. The people who do that sort of thing seem well adjusted compared to baudinello, a YouTube user who made an Emma Watson tribute video using Mozart's The Requiem Mass as the background music. After all, nothing says "I'm your biggest fan and I love your movies" like funeral music. That's not disturbing in the least.

1. I love you more with every breathe i take - by Emmaurthe1

In a world as cynical as ours, it's nice to see someone who is willing to put it all on the line for love. At least it would be nice, if that person wasn't in love with a mediocre actress who he will never even meet. But don't tell that to Emmaurthe1*. Based on the scrolling text he's inserted into this tribute video, Emma Watson is all he ever wanted, he will love her for forever and a day, and to top it all off, he is willing to die for her. Don't beleive me? Skip to the 1:30 mark, and you'll see the following quote...
I would die for you Emma just to prove my love to you...

Seriously, would anyone care to wager on how many Harry Potter Lego sets this guy has sexually violated? Sweet Jesus, someone reach out to him before Emma Watson's head ends up getting the Se7en treatment.

*I'm assuming that Emmaurthe1 is a guy. Sorry for being so 'hetro-normative.'