Reboot, reboot, reboot. The Amazing Spider-Man was the one that really drove this trend home, because it’s only been 10 years since the original, and it was a beloved billion dollar success. Now that the stars and filmmakers from Amazing are at Comic-Con a year before the film’s release, they shared a few details about their version to justify starting over with Peter Parker in high school in a press conference before meeting the fans.

1. This Peter Parker is still skinny.

Remember how buff Tobey Maguire was? Not Andrew Garfield. “I only got into the Ultimate [series comics] doing research for the film but that was a great resource for how I wanted Spidey’s body to work,” Garfield said. “I liked the outline and how skinny he was because I’m skinny. I love the idea of a skinny teenage kid beating the crap out of huge guys. That’s always been a huge dream of mine, and [to] give other skinny kids that sense of achievement as well.”

2. It’s Gwen Stacey as first love, not homewrecker.

Yeah, we know you didn’t like Spider-Man 3. Tempting Peter away from Mary Jane wasn’t exactly endearing to Bryce Dallas Howard’s Gwen. Emma Stone’s gets to be sweet. “My character, experience is everything with Peter,” Stone said. “It’s her first love. They experience so much together and he teaches her so much. With him it made sense once I read with him and met him.”

3. Web sling from Spider-man’s point of view

The big visual effects hurdle for Sam Raimi was to make Spider-Man sling around New York. Now that artists can achieve that, director Marc Webb wants to make the audience see it firsthand. You’ve seen a taste of that in the teaser trailer, and Webb also built a track in New York to coordinate driving traffic around a stuntman swinging down the street. “Because we’re shooting in 3D, I wanted to conceive of certain things very specifically for 3D,” Webb said. “There’s an experiential component to 3D I think is fantastic. We’re experimenting with generating that point of view so you feel what Peter Parker feels when he’s jumping over buildings and streets.

4. Now with more daddy issues.

Uncle Ben’s mantra was “with great power comes great responsibility.” With a new beginning, Amazing is really emphasizing the father figures, good, bad and absent. “We had a better origin in some ways because we’re dealing with something people care about, no knowing who their parents are,” producer Avi Arad said. “Then we have probably the greatest love story in Marvel, Gwen Stacey, the relationship between Gwen and her father. We have an amazing villain. The only thing that stayed the same and made us go and make the movie in the spirit of Peter Parker, what he’s about but how would he behave in this day and age? How would a kid like him in high school react to things?”