Dan Aykroyd's recent admission that Ghostbusters 3 will happen with or without Bill Murray has fused faces with palms worldwide. Even with Murray, the passing of the torch to a new generation concept is a worse idea than another Indiana Jones. And Aykroyd should have learned his lesson by now. Just have a look at his track record of bad sequels and remakes.

Sgt. Bilko

This 1996 comedy is an update of the 1950's television series The Phil Silvers Show, in which Silvers played the cunning sergeant. Steve Martin steps into that role for this iteration with Dan Aykroyd playing his easily-duped superior, Colonel Hall. Though not entirely a bad movie, it's mostly a vehicle to have Steve Martin wiggle around on rubber legs while Aykroyd shouts and looks flummoxed.

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Blues Brothers 2000

Delivered two years early, 1998's Blue Brothers 2000 was the film nobody wanted. Here, Aykroyd dusts off the fedora to play Elwood Blues once-again. Sadly, none of the original magic of the first film is recaptured. Blame it on the times or the culture of the late 90's, but it just felt like a film after its time. John Goodman subs for the deceased John Belushi, which wasn't that bad of a choice considering that the alternative was Jim Belushi.

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Yogi Bear

A cartoon adaptation so horrendous that anti-comedians Tim Heidecker and Neil Hamburger teamed up to spread the word about the threat it poses to society.
Neil_Hamburger: “Yogi Bear” becomes the first film to be banned in Poland since “Hitler’s Giant C*ck And Great Ideas Also” was banned from theaters in 1967

timheidecker: Volunteers already scrubbing names off of Vietnam Memorial to replace with poor souls who worked on & attended screening of #yogibear movie

That might ensure they won't get any sweet voice-over gigs anytime soon, but wasn't their sacrifice worth it? If only someone in the comedy world was that brave when The Smurfs was released.

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Caddyshack 2

Essentially a toothless PG remake of the original geared toward kids whose parents weren't cool enough to show them the R-rated original. Here Aykroyd steps into the Bill Murray role of the tireless gopher hunter, playing the role with the zeal of a brainwashed war veteran bent on total annihilation. Technically, the film is titled Caddyshack II, but I felt it isn't deserving of Roman numerals.