4 Films That Prove Dan Aykroyd Shouldn’t Make ‘Ghostbusters 3′

Monday, August 29 by
"The Aristocrats!" 

Dan Aykroyd’s recent admission that Ghostbusters 3 will happen with or without Bill Murray has fused faces with palms worldwide. Even with Murray, the passing of the torch to a new generation concept is a worse idea than another Indiana Jones. And Aykroyd should have learned his lesson by now. Just have a look at his track record of bad sequels and remakes.

Sgt. Bilko

This 1996 comedy is an update of the 1950’s television series The Phil Silvers Show, in which Silvers played the cunning sergeant. Steve Martin steps into that role for this iteration with Dan Aykroyd playing his easily-duped superior, Colonel Hall. Though not entirely a bad movie, it’s mostly a vehicle to have Steve Martin wiggle around on rubber legs while Aykroyd shouts and looks flummoxed.

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