Start your melting clocks and get ready for the countdown, because there's a nontraditional, nonlinear, 3D Salvador Dali biopic coming soon. It stars Alan Cumming as the absurdist painter/artist. For those of you who aren't blown away by the recent crop of converted 3D, or visually epic 3D films that are short on story/heart, this seems like a clear alternative.

The film unfolds as Dali finds himself hospitalized after injuries sustained in a fire. According to The SMH, “a semi-conscious Dali overhears a doctor suggesting what an extraordinary movie his life would make and so his mind—and the film—begins to soar, occasionally breaking the so-called ‘fourth wall’’ when the artist converses directly with his audience.”

I'm in! I don't even know that much about the artist beyond some of his better known works, but with Alan Cumming playing him, Judy Davis playing his one love Gala, and Phillip Mora writing and directing, I'm on board. It will be really interesting to see a 3D film that is INTENTIONALLY confusing. Transformers "saga," I'm looking at you. (The Playlist)