36 Movies Where Grown Men Hang Out With Young Boys

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This is not OK! 

How many kids are you friends with? Seriously, relatives aside, when was the last time you decided to hang out with a boy under the age of 18? Probably never, right? RIGHT?

Well in Hollywood movies, grown men hanging out with young boys is something that happens all the time. In fact, it’s practically the norm. Almost every male star has at least one film where they are paired with a precocious young boy. They are not their sons. They are not their nephews. They’re just random kids. Without context, it seems pretty inappropriate. Hell, even with context, sometimes it doesn’t seem right.

Honestly, if a retarded man with a murde conviction wandered into town and started hanging out with your son, would you be cool with that? If you found your nephew at a baseball game with Danny Glover, would you be pleased?

With these questions in mind, we present to you 36 movies where grown men hang out with young boys, brought to you without commentary.

Man of the House

Jerry McGuire

Kindergarten Cop

First Kid




The Toy

The Pacifier

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