It's no secret that Funny People has taken the meta "movie-within-a-movie" concept and run with it for miles.  They've made clips like "Yo Teach!" (Jason Schwartzman) and the comic stylings of "Raaaaaaandy!" (Aziz Ansari) part of their potent viral marketing attack.  And today, Judd Apatow, writer-director of Funny People, wrote a guest post on MTV Movies Blog, in which he describes some of the fake movies within the movie... that didn't make it into the movie (not for lack of funny). 

You can head over to MTV Movies Blog to read the descriptions in Apatow's words, but you can watch the clips right here, right now. 

We can confirm that the first one at least partially made the film.  This is the extended version, from the fictitious film called Merman, starring internationally renowned comedian George Simmons (Adam Sandler).  It's s a sendup of Splashonly with a really ugly, grating version of Darryl Hannah.


The next clip is from a fake film called Sayonara Davey, which only exists in the production design of Funny People.  You'll catch the poster maybe a couple times on the walls of George Simmons's house. And that's about it.  Which is really sad because casual racism is hilarious.  Especially if you're a white American.


 And finally, we have the bad rip-off of Turner & Hooch.  All these clips just make me think of how influential Tom Hanks was in mainstream comedy back in the day.  Why, oh why can't you make a return to insouciant romps like Bachelor Party?  A team-up with Adrian Zmed (and with Zmed fronting a rock n' roll breakout at a hotel party)?  Box office goooooold, Hanks!!!

It's a real shame that these clips were cut from Funny People.  We can't give you our review of the flick until a later date, due to the embargo that North Korea Universal has on it, but we can tell you that its these sorts of clips that make the film worth seeing. 

By the way, Apatow will be doing these guest blogs for MTV every Thursday until Funny People opens.