The cast of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra have been subject to all manner of brutal bullying and name-calling from their "friends" in the Hollywood community. Anonymous phone calls by pranksters who say"knowing is half the battle!" and hang up, etc. And now it seems that only 3 brave souls  have been confirmed for the sequel, which leaves them open to several more years of psychological torture. Please keep Lee Byung-hun, Ray Park, and Channing Tatum in your thoughts and prayers. Even the director of the first couldn't handle the pressure.

This presumably only includes cast members who played good guys in the first movie, which as you might remember gave a lot of focus to the villains of the story, the titular one being played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who probably won't be returning for the sequel. Gordon-Levitt was last seen running through Hollywood with a visibly tear-streaked face, shouting "no! No! I wasn't in GI Joe! You're confusing me with Heath Ledger!" Sad. (via /Film)