28 Bad-Ass Blaxploitation Film Trailers

Thursday, February 10 by

Black Caesar – 1973

It’s The Godfather, except with more black dudes and a lot smaller budget.

Cleopatra Jones – 1973

Tamara Dobson stars as Cleopatra Jones, a special agent who takes no prisoners. It also stars Shelley Winters, in what is undoubtedly her finest performance.

Coffy – 1973

Pam Grier plays Coffy (get it? Coffy is black), a nurse who decides to go after the thugs who hooked her younger sister on dope. It’s worth noting that Pam Grier has giant breasts.

The Mack – 1973

Want to watch a pimp fight his way to the top of the world of pimping? Then The Mack is the movie for you.

The Spook Who Sat By the Door – 1973

Don’t worry. It’s about a CIA agent.

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