28 Bad-Ass Blaxploitation Film Trailers

Thursday, February 10 by

Super Fly – 1972

The best part of this film about a cocaine dealer trying to leave a life of crime behind is the soundtrack, featuring Curtis Mayfield. The second best part: the bad-ass hats.

Hammer – 1972

Hammer tells the story of a boxer who gets involved with the mob. This doesn’t end well for the mob.

Blacula – 1972

It’s like Dracula, but with a black dude. Get it?

Slaughter – 1972

Starring Jim Brown, Slaughter tells the story of an ex-Green Beret who seeks to avenge his parents’ murder by slaughtering those responsible. And get this; the dude’s name is Slaughter! What are the odds?

The Thing With Two Heads – 1972

This is by far the greatest trailer I have ever seen. My words can’t do it justice, so just watch.

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