As you already know, February is Black History Month, so we've compiled this epic list of 28 Blaxploitation film trailers from the 1970s (one for each day of the month) as a salute to African-American cinema. After all, what better way to celebrate the accomplishments of our blac brothers and sisters than by watching a bunch of movie trailers? Well, OK, there are better ways, but this is much more entertaining. Enjoy!

Cotton Comes to Harlem - 1970

Two Harlem detectives search for a bag of cotten which contains thousands of dollars in stolen cash. If that's not enough for you, Redd Foxx is also in the film (a.k.a Fred Sanford). No Lamont, though.

They Call Me Mr. Tibbs - 1970

Sidney Poitier reprises his classic roll as Virgil Tibbs in the sequel to In the Heat of the Night. The film depicts a hard-nosed detective working for the San Francisco police. This makes it tempting to call Virgil Tibbs the black Dirty Harry, but since this film came out first, I guess we should call Dirty Harry the white Virgil Tibbs.

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song - 1971

Many consider this to be the first true Blaxploitation film. Melvin Van Peebles wrote, directed, and starred in the film. He also scored the soundtrack. I'd be surprised if he didn't paint the posters and handle craft services, as well.

Shaft - 1971

He's one bad mother. Can you dig it?

Hit Man - 1972

It's just like the 2007 movie, Hitman, except it's about a black dude, and no-one is genetically modified. Actually, it's almost nothing like the 2007 movie, Hitman.

Super Fly - 1972

The best part of this film about a cocaine dealer trying to leave a life of crime behind is the soundtrack, featuring Curtis Mayfield. The second best part: the bad-ass hats.

Hammer - 1972

Hammer tells the story of a boxer who gets involved with the mob. This doesn't end well for the mob.

Blacula - 1972

It's like Dracula, but with a black dude. Get it?

Slaughter - 1972

Starring Jim Brown, Slaughter tells the story of an ex-Green Beret who seeks to avenge his parents' murder by slaughtering those responsible. And get this; the dude's name is Slaughter! What are the odds?

The Thing With Two Heads - 1972

This is by far the greatest trailer I have ever seen. My words can't do it justice, so just watch.

Black Caesar - 1973

It's The Godfather, except with more black dudes and a lot smaller budget.

Cleopatra Jones - 1973

Tamara Dobson stars as Cleopatra Jones, a special agent who takes no prisoners. It also stars Shelley Winters, in what is undoubtedly her finest performance.

Coffy - 1973

Pam Grier plays Coffy (get it? Coffy is black), a nurse who decides to go after the thugs who hooked her younger sister on dope. It's worth noting that Pam Grier has giant breasts.

The Mack - 1973

Want to watch a pimp fight his way to the top of the world of pimping? Then The Mack is the movie for you.

The Spook Who Sat By the Door - 1973

Don't worry. It's about a CIA agent.

Truck Turner - 1974

Issac Hayes was better known for singing the theme from Shaft, but he also starred in his own bad-ass movie. These days, he's better known as Chef from"South Park," and for being dead.

Willie Dynamite - 1974

Willie Dynamite gets more ass in a weekend than you'll get in your whole life. Show some respect.

Black Belt Jones - 1974

He's black, and he's got a black belt. Amazing!

Foxy Brown - 1974

Foxy Brown is basically a remake of Coffy, with a different name. It's got the same great tits, though.

The Black Gestapo - 1974

Nazi's and black dudes, together at last.

Boss N*gger - 1975

Hey, I didn't name it. Despite the offensive title, it still looks pretty awesome, kind of like Blazing Saddles without the comedy. They made me censor the title, and by they, I mean "The Man."

Dolemite - 1975

A street hustler is released from jail after serving time for a crime he didn't commit. As he tries to get his life back together, the same crooked cops who framed him attempt to get him back behind bars. I've never seen it, but I bet the black guy wins.

Mandingo - 1975

It's a lot like Roots, except with a more sex and violence. So it's like Roots, but much better!

Black Fist - 1977

This movie is awesome for dozens of reasons, but chief among them is the fact that it stars Dabney Coleman, the world's greatest actor.

Black Samurai - 1977

This film is about a black samurai. That is all

Petey Wheatstraw - 1977

Not to be confused with Petey Greene, Petey Wheatstraw is about a black dude who is the devil's son-in-law. It stars Rudy Ray Moore, the same actor who played Dolemite.

Death Dimension - 1978

In Death Dimension, a scientist kills himself rather than let the plans for a bomb he invented fall into the hands of an evil gangster. Now his sexy female assistant must escape with the plans while the gangsters are in hot pursuit. I choose to believe this film is the basis for The Pelican Brief.

Disco Godfather - 1979

Rudy Ray Moore returns as a disco owning retired cop who goes to war with an angel dust dealer. He also yells "put your weight on it," a lot, for some reason.