Sorry, Jason Bateman. No one wants you after The Identity Thief. Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis, as SHIT! Thus, they'll be teaming up for a buddy cop comedy that will probably be better than Cop Out, and about as good as The Good Guys.

The film will be directed by Bosses helmer Seth Gordon, and will be titled One Night on the Hudson. So it sounds like it should star Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, but it won't. Probably. The rest of the film hasn't been cast yet, so I guess it's possible.

The film will mark the stars' fourth foray together, after Going the Distance, Horrible Bosses, and Horrible Bosses 2: Still Bossin' It Horribly.

Jason Sudekis is currently dating Olivia Wilde, which has no bearing on anything, but still something I feel merits mentioning.