Armie Hammer was rumored to be playing The Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp, but the truth was something even stranger than that - OK, just as strange: The movie is 2:22, from Todd Stein and Moon screenwriter Nathan Parker. Here's the low-down on Hammer's role in the movie:
“[A]n air traffic controller whose life unravels after he’s nearly responsible for a collision between passenger planes caused by a mysterious blinding flash at 2:22 p.m. The event leads him to meet a woman whose life seems to have been intertwined with his long ago.”

Given current trends in Hollywood, they might change the woman into Osama bin Laden. They have until the fall to decide, when the movie starts shooting - around the same time as The Lone Ranger, in fact - which is why Hammer probably can't do both. Unless he brings in his twin to help him out again like he did on The Social Network. Is Armie Hammer's twin still acting? (Variety)