Of course, they weren't REAL zombies, but rather actors playing zombies, which makes it slightly worse. On the set of Resident Evil 5, the actors were on a mobile platform that suddenly moved, causing them to plummet 20 feet down to the ground. Fortunately, none of the zombie-actors sustained life-threatening injuries, though a few are suspected to have broken bones.

Since the actors were costumed all bloody and gory-like, there was some difficulty identifying who was seriously injured, which would have been a pretty great opportunity for any actors that may have had Munchausen's Syndrome.

"Oh, no! I fell, and the injuries I have sustained from the fall have caused my lower jaw to rot off and my skin to turn grey. I need medical treatment! This is horrible! WHY? WHY?"

I hope they took the pain inflicted from the accident and put it in into the performance.