13 Memorable Movie Amputations

Thursday, November 4 by

Rolling Thunder – Major Charles Rane

If you’re going to have something amputated, it’s probably best to consult a medical professional. If that’s not an option, at least use something that will make a clean cut, like a sword or a lightsaber. But under no circumstances should you use something like a garbage disposal. Apparently, the men who torture Major Charles Rane in Rolling Thunder didn’t get the memo.

Saving Private Ryan - One Armed Soldier

There are a lot of depressing scenes in Saving Private Ryan. For example, the scene with his hot granddaughters at the beginning of the film always makes me sad. Another example takes place during the storming of Omaha Beach, when a random soldier get’s his arm blown off, and then picks it back up as if he has simply dropped an umbrella. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t laugh every time I watched it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sad…sort of like when a clown gets raped by a bear.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 – Sofie Fatale

In Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Bride hacks her way through dozens of limbs. But none are more memorable than those of Sofie Fatale. It seems Sofie was busy taking cell-phone calls while The Bride and her wedding party were being slaughtered. Beatrix never really got over that insult, and decided to make a special example out of Ms. Fatale.

hot tub time machine

There is a terrific running joke in the film that teases exactly how Bell Hop Phil, played by Crispin Glover, loses his arm. We see it gone in the beginning, but then get whisked back to the 80s and it’s there. We know he loses it, but how? HOW?! I don’t want to ruin it in case you haven’t seen the film, but no one is happier to see that bastard armless than Rob Corddry.


  1. November 4, 2010 10:30 am


    What????……..no Sharkey’s Machine with Burt Reynolds losing some fingers and getting revenge!!

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    you must see the limbs off anthology


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