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This Friday, Ashley Scott will play the Damsel in Distress to John Cena’s Prince Smackdown in the Renny Harlin-directed 12 Rounds.  She looks like she could take care of herself in a fight, but then Fox wouldn’t have a movie, I guess.
Where You’ve Seen Her: One of Scott’s first roles was as "Gigolo Jane" in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, then to TV as "Helena Kyle" in the Bat-Universe spinoff Birds of Prey.  She also played "Amanda" in Into the Blue (pictured above) and as "Emily Sullivan on the now-cancelled Jericho.
Fun Fact: At her first audition, she worked with Al Pacino.  She didn’t get the role.  But when ju owdeeshun weet Tony Montana, you owditioneen wit de f**keen best!  So it all worked out.
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