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We’re entering the dog days of summer and that means one thing, horror movie season is about to begin. Between now and late October we’ll see a slew of horror flicks all featuring sweet young ladies alone in the dark.

Here’s a look at twelve actresses that we think have promising futures as Scream Queens… and a survey after that to determine who you guys think will rule the kingdom of horror for years to come.




Scout Taylor-Compton popped onto our radars when Rob Zombie chose her to take over the role of Laurie Strode in his version of Halloween. It seems that the horror bug bit her deep as she auditioned for lead roles in The MessengersProm Night, and Friday the 13th since. Though she didn’t land any of those parts she can be seen in April Fool’s Day and the upcoming Pearblossom. But first up for Scout is this week’s Halloween 2, where her character learns much like the dreaded male yeast infection, Michael Myers is virtuall unstoppable.





Danielle Panabaker may be somewhat of a genius. She graduate high school at 14 and dove into the acting business head-on. That dive ended up landing her a lead role in the recent Friday the 13th regurge as well as roles in two upcoming thrillers The Wardand The Crazies. Seems like a smart one to me. But then she goes and says something like this, "I’d love to be able to multiply because then I could be in lots of different places at once. One of me could be sitting here and one could be vacationing in Hawaii.  Just be lots of places at once." Look before you leap, Danielle. Michael Keaton already tried that in Multiplicity and ended up having to clean up after a retarded version of himself.





Before devoting much of her time to 90210Jessica Stroup was on a horror tear. With roles in Prom NightTrue Blood, and The Hills Have Eyes 2 she’s proved herself as a Scream Queen to keep an eye on. Hopefully we’ll see her in more horror films very soon. And hopefully they won’t be remakes. It’s scary how many of those there are these days.





Sheri Moon is undoubtedly Rob Zombie’s muse. She’s appeared only in his films and always chews the scenery. It must be hard to work so closely with your spouse but these two have found a way. They’re like the hard rock versions of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann.





We’ll all get to know Shantel VanSanten a little better once we watch her spar with that man-eating escalator in The Final DestinationAfter that we’ll see the former SI Swimsuit Model in Something Wicked where she’ll once again contend with sinister forces. She hasn’t had any other genre entries prior to these two but she did have a make-out scene with Mischa Barton in You and I. And that’s plenty scary. I know about this one guy who kissed Mischa Barton once and immediately afterward he ended up with that rage virus from 28 Days Later.





Julianna Guill managed to steal our heart before having her own stabbed clean through in the Platinum Dunes retread of Friday the 13th. Not a solid movie but still watchable. Thanks mainly to Guill’s inclusion (and a few interesting kills). Though she didn’t fare too well against Jason, we’ll get to see her take on another supernatural force in the upcoming Altitude. Hopefully she’ll shake her moneymaker in that as well.





As Beth in CloverfieldOdette Yustman is the reason that Rob and Friends traipsed all over a monster-infested Manhattan risking life and limb to save her. And in The Unborn, some ghost tries to get her pregnant. Nice try ghost but your being really pushy with all that graphic, scary imagery. I’m sure that works fine in the Land of Necromancy but around here we believe in a little thing called romance.





Danielle Harris has been battling Michael Myers for over half her life, having starred inHalloween 4 and 5 as the object of Michael’s bloodlust as well as taking on the role of Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie’s entries into the series.. And it’s plain to see why. I bet that her blood is really beautiful. Wait. Did that come out creepy? Alright, well let’s just pretend I asked you about your day instead and we go back to you thinking I’m a nice, normal guy. (pause) You haven’t touched your drink that I made for you.





Briana Evigan is best known for steppin’ up 2 the streets but soon we’ll see her step up 2 a slasher in Sorority Row. And laterz she’ll step up 2 a tiger in the intriguing Burning Bright b4 steppin’ up 2 a sadistic family of psychopaths in the Mother’s Day remake. 4 the luv of Gawd! Can this girl make a movie that wasn’t written via text message?





Katie Cassidy has racked up an impressive amount of genre work in the last few years. Not only has she had lead roles in Black Christmas, Supernatural, Harper’s Island, The Lost, and When A Stranger Calls but she also has a large role in Samuel Bayer’s A Nightmare On Elm Street remake this spring. And this fall she’s one of the stars of the new Melrose Place where she’ll have to act against Ashlee Simpson-Wentz while trying to keep a straight face. Talk about a scary challenge for an actress.





We first caught a glimpse of Jordan Ladd back in 2002 with her role in Eli Roth‘s Cabin Fever. There she used her beautiful girl next door looks to toy with the film’s dweebish hero until this real d-bag of a flesh-eating disease ate her face and lady parts. Jerk. Since you’ve seen a lot more of her in Club DreadThanksgivingDeathproof, and Hostel II. And now she’s finally getting the accolades she deserves for her performance as the mother of an undead baby in Grace. Everyone everywhere says the movie is awesome so I’m definitely going to see it when I’m no longer grounded for crapping in the swimming pool at my dad’s work.





Amber Heard has been building quite an impressive horror resume as of late. She arrived with a thunderous boom in her first foray into the genre with All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. If the Weinsteins ever release it, you should see the sh*t out of it. And soon you can see her in The Stepfather, And Soon The Darkness, Zombieland, and The Ward. She seems to be making a good living splitting her time between playing a scared teen and a sexualized teen. Hopefully she’ll be willing to combine the two in my upcoming project Sexy Teens vs. The Werewolf.





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