Over the years, movies have given us a trippy cornucopia of moments of drug use on screen. Most of it is used to amplify your mind in an another world or dream-like sequence, and this experience can be scary, hilarious, or even both at times. Yet which movies out of the thousands have done the most damage to our psyche? Like an acid flashback that won't abate, today we are going to 11 and listing the best drug scenes movies have to deal.



The floor has officially trapped you while ODing from a dirty batch of smack.

What better way to portray a heroin overdose than set it to a Lou Reed song. “Perfect Day” is the icing on the drug injected cake as our hero Renton (Ewan MacGregor) takes another hit of dirty bliss and finds himself trapped inside the floor.



Taking mushrooms might make Tom Waits appear and have sex in the desert.

While most Tony Scott movies are tailored for a meth-addict's attention span, this brash, trashy bounty hunter flick goes to even further into the abyss with a scene involving a car load of celebrities from Keira Knightley to "90210" douche bags like Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering. Within a matter of seconds, car crashes, coitus, and Tom Waits flash upon your already dilated pupils.



Using speed to lose weight has consequences.

Requiem for a Dream - Ellen Burstyns Monologue - Watch more Funny Videos

It's hard to choose just one scene from Aronofsky's visually stunning tragedy, but the heartbreaking monologue delivered by Ellen Burstyn as Sara Goldfarb sums up the tone of the film. What starts out as an innocent attempt to fit into a red dress devolves into a crippling addiction to speed. No other movie has ever made me hate drugs more, or Jared Leto less.



It's protocol to shoot up before taking the boss's wife out.

John Travolta's Vince has just got back from Amsterdam and needs a good fix from his main man Lance. This sets in motion the grooviest shoot-up smack montage and harshest needle-to-the-heart sequence ever put on celluloid. It's even better in Italian.



Meth is a helluva drug to drive around L.A. on.

We all know the late Brittany Murphy could be tweaked out her mind at times and this movie showcases the best of those moments. The whole film is one big tweakfest with the best moment coming from Jason Schwartzman and Murphy as they drive his rusty Volvo round and round L.A. for 24 hours straight. A record was set with this film as there are over 5,000 jump cuts in its 101 minute running time, to give that good ol' meth-head sense of bugginess.



Forget about the war and smoke a lot of hash with Willem Defoe.

War is hell, especially if Tom Berenger and Willem Defoe are your platoon leaders. Good thing Vietnam had plenty of hash and other mind expanders to get over the soul-shattering carnage. Placed right in the middle of Oliver Stone's classic we get to see a moment between flying bullets where the young cast, including Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker, relaxes from all the war mayhem. 



Maybe doing all those drugs before the bank heist wasn't the best idea.

The first half of Roger Avery's Killing Zoe follows a group of bank robbers lead by Eric Stolz to every brothel and drug den in Paris, France. A few hours later the group decides in the wake of the worst hangover alive to rob a bank. This leads to gang members shooting up while in the middle of a shoot out with the authorities. Think Ocean's Eleven meets members of the Andy Warhol Factory. Can your brain even conceive that?



Stop worrying about death and smoke some hash while tiddying up your house.

This off-beat drama from Thailand stars Japanese superstar Asano Tatanubo as a man obsessed with suicide, that is until him and his new love interest smoke a bunch of hash creating a dream sequence within a dream sequence that leads the film to a very controversial climax.



Taking various substances so your heart won't stop.

Jason Statham will stop at nothing to keep his heart ticking, which leads him to snorting cocaine off a dirty bathroom floor and injecting a huge batch of epinephrine into his chest, making it the ultimate get-high-and-never-look-back fantasy. If you consider banging Amy Smart in front of Japanese tourists a drug, that's in there as well.



Night Ranger, Alfred Molina, firecrackers, and a whole lot of cocaine.

A trio of burnt-out porn stars try to make a coke deal with one of the craziest drug dealers ever put on screen (Alfred Molina at his most bugged-out best). What follows is a series of electrically violent events that will leave bodies on the floor, cocaine in the air, and firecrackers thrown by an Asian manboy popping. You can enjoy it, sans the audio, above. Don't complain, just buy the movie already.



Finding a desert mushroom might put you in a Rob Zombie cartoon music video.

When matters look to be at an end for our 90s slacker heroes, they find an especially potent mushroom in the Mojave Desert, which they mistake as a water cactus. All of their surroundings turn into a White Zombie music video with plenty of babes, demons, and bright colors to boot.

There are a ton of drug movies out there, so I'm sure you'll now tell me what I missed. Be gentle.