As we reported earlier today, “The Office” is casting for some new spots on the show. The first is for the role of Pam’s new assistant, who is described as smart, pleasant, and “Scranton hot.” The second character is a young man in his first full-time job who is “good-looking, but not WB looking.” Last, and still a rumor, is Stanley’s daughter, who has already appeared on the show.

I put together a list of actors/actresses who might be a good fit for these roles. Take a look, and see if you agree. If not, make your own damn list (in the comment section, please).

Pam’s Assistant

Erinn Hayes
She’s smart, likable, and her work on “Children’s Hospital” proves she knows her way around a comedy. Plus, she recently gave us a shout out, so we’re big fans. Also, fellow "C.H." star Rob Huebel has been playing Holly's now ex-boyfriend on"The Office," so he can put in a good word.

Abby Elliott
She looks the part, and she’s on "SNL," so all the bases are covered. Plus, she’s Chris Elliott’s daughter, and I’m old enough to remember “Get a Life.”

Nasim Pedrad
Another "SNL" cast member, Nasim Pedrad would also fit nicely with the cast. Plus, she’s hot. Maybe a little too hot for the role, but no one's going to complain about that.

Demi Lovato
She’s about the right age, and she’d bring a huge ratings boost among pre-teen girls. Plus, you know she’ll do it since she needs the money to support her habit.

The Office New Guy

Paul Brittain
Brittain's the right age for the part, and he’s proven his comedic skills. I'm clearly favoring 'SNL" cast members. They can't work that horrific schedule forever!

Dominic Dierkes
His fellow sketch partner, Donald Glover, has a show on NBC. Now it’s Dominic’s turn.

Michael Cera
He’s already been in one of the greatest television comedies of all time. And now that Jesse Eisenberg has stolen his thunder, perhaps another hit show is in order.

John Mulaney
Lot’s of stand-up comedians have made the leap to sitcoms. Of course, a lot of those sitcoms quickly made the leap to canceled, but even so, Mulaney is a funny guy who would make a good fit.

Stanley's Daughter

Jazz Raycole
Since she’s already played the part on a few episodes, I’d imagine she has the inside track. After all, why change a horse in midstream?

Gabourey Sidibe
Gabourey can act, and that’s always a plus. It’s true she looks nothing like the character did a few years back, but people change. After all, Stanley is diabetic, so maybe it runs in the family.