The 10 hottest movie moms manage to parent their kids whilst keeping male viewers interested. There have been plenty of hot movie moms over the years and some are obviously overtly sexual while others are more subtle. The ten hottest movie moms are a good reminder that women don't stop being sexy once they have kids, and husbands everywhere should keep that in mind.

  1. Anne Bancroft "The Graduate," 1967. Prior to this movie, moms were portrayed as people who wore aprons and baked pies while father read the newspaper and smoked his pipe. Anne Bancroft introduced the world to cougars when she seduced the hapless young Dustin Hoffman in this classic movie. 

  2. Kim Basinger "My Step Mother is an Alien," 1988. Step moms have had a bad name in movies since Cinderella's mom died and her Dad moved in with a mean old widow. Kim Basinger changed all of that in this movie where she played a smoking hot movie mom who was also an alien. 

  3. Halle Berry "Monster's Ball," 2005. The world is still waiting to see if it is possible for an all around sexier woman than Halle Berry to exist, and based on her fully nude scenes in this movie, the world must wait a little longer. No one has a better body in Hollywood than Halle so who better than her to play one of the hottest movie moms? 

  4. Angelina Jolie "Alexander," 2004. This hot movie mom is probably best seen but not heard because Angelina insisted on putting on a bizarre accent throughout this box office flop. Bad movie though it was, she was stunningly hot as the title character's mom.

  5. Kate Winslet "Little Children, 2006. Kate is the dowdy housewife who discovers that there are more uses for washing machines than most people imagine. Kate gets naked and proves that while she is no longer a young actress, she can convincingly play one of the ten hottest movie moms.

  6. Diane Lane "Unfaithful," 2002. Diane Lane seems like someone who should be running the PTA or attending craft classes, but she finds other things to pass the time in this movie. She has some sensational sex scenes with a lucky French fellow while poor old husband Richard Gere is hard at work.  

  7. Jane Seymour "Wedding Crashers," 2005. She is the oldest of the ten hottest movie moms but is also one of the sexiest. Jane Seymour, like Diane Lane, seems too prim and proper to play a horny housewife, but she put her English etiquette to one side and put in a great performance as the sexy mother in law in this hilarious movie. 

  8. Laura Linney "Kinsey," 2004. Her husband was a famous scientist who studied sex and helped to normalize the notion of swinging. Laura Linney played the laid back wife who politely accepted a breakfast table offer to sample a little swinging of her own and promptly turned a dowdy housewife into one of the ten hottest movie moms. 

  9. Angelina Jolie "Beowolf," 2007. Angelina Jolie has made the transition from hot young actress to hottest movie mom with ease as she showed again in this movie. She has all the right parts to remain as one of Hollywood's hottest for many years to come even if she does look a bit like her Dad. 

  10. Demi Moore "Striptease," 1996. Demi Moore plays a stripper who surely has to rank as one of the all time hottest movie moms in this otherwise mediocre flick. Predictably, she attracts the wrong kind of guys but who cares, because she looks great naked.