All of you love watching movies. Many of you probably also enjoy the act of drinking cereal-malt and distilled beverages that you can  purchase once you’ve reached the age of 21. Throw the two together with some friends (if you have none, works just as well) and you have yourself one excellent early-evening drinking game. Since you can make a game out of pretty much anything that plays on a screen (ads, soap-operas, etc), the following are a few of the better “battle-tested” samples:
Dazed and Confused

Game 1: Anytime Mitch Kramer touches his hair or face.
Game 2: Anytime the words “hey” and “man” are used in the same sentence.

I was surprised to find how far-reaching the popularity of Game 1 for Dazed goes, having lived in both the Midwest and on the West Coast. I only recently found out about Game 2. Watch the clip below and then try and tell tell me you don't want to bust open a case.


Independence Day

Game 1: Anytime the words “Mr. President” are spoken.
Game 2: Whenever Jeff Goldblum pauses awkwardly.

Way back when, a few buddies and I undertook “Drink-Dependence Day.” By the end of it, we were all mumbling like four drunk Goldblums and one guy got so wasted he confessed to being a Harvey Fierstein.  



The Game: Whenever Doc Holiday shoots whisky.

This works best (and worst) if you’re playing with whisky as Doc does. Much more memorable as an alternating “team” activity because Doc pulls it around 30+ times over the duration of the film.


Run Ronnie Run

The Game: Any time there is a recognizable cameo.

This is a personal favorite and makes for an excellent excuse to check out the movie if you haven’t already done so. There’s a great Hollywood party scene towards the mid-point that’ll have you seeking out another barley pop.

Cue more Goldblum!



The Game: Whenever the words “Buddy” or “Elf” are uttered.

This is probably the more brutal openings on this list. Though using peppermint schnapps might seem appropriate if playing during the holiday season, that much sugar will catch ya pretty quick. I knew someone who once played the game alternating maple syrup and whisky. He yacked just as Buddy leaves the North Pole for Manhattan. Penalty: 5 shots.

Elf Boardroom Scene - Watch more Funny Videos


Passion of the Christ

Game 1: Anytime Jim Caviezel’s character takes a beating.
Game 2: Any time someone in your watch party laughs.

Some might call it sacrilege. I call it hilarity. Because after viewing the following clip, you’ll never see Passion the same way again.


The Big Lebowski

The Game: Anytime a beer, blunt, or White Russian is enjoyed, follow suit.

To play correctly, you’ll need each of the three listed items in front of you. To avoid any potential legal complications, I suggest that the “blunts” portion of this game be reserved for those with a California “Club Card." Disclaimer aside, game on, Man!


28 Days Later

The Game: Drink whenever any person (infected/uninfected) gets killed.

Can also be played with 28 Weeks Later or any other horror/zombie movie for that matter. Pretty straightforward. Don’t plan on playing this with anyone you’re attempting to date because they likely won’t be impressed by your alcohol poisoning.


Austin Powers in Goldmember

The Game: Drink when Mike Myers recycles a joke from a previous installment.

Other than Beyoncé's backside, this movie just isn’t nearly as fun as the previous two installments. Playing to the listed rule makes hearing the same joke, yet again, reasonably tolerable.

Oh does Myers like using plays on names? I hadn't heard!


Edward Scissorhands

The Game: Edward 40-hands.

If you decide to play this on a Saturday night when you’re all by your lonesome, I suggest you duct-tape 40 ouncers to your hands while you do so. It’ll force you to drin faster so you can get the hell out of the house to go find a f*ckiing social life.

Anyone have any other favorites to contribute?