Middle Men, hitting theaters Friday, is the tale of Jack Harris (played by Luke Wilson) who has a successful career fixing problem companies. He meets Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht), who've invented a way for adult entertainment to be sold over the internet. Based on a true story, I'm sure they won't go as far as to mention the actual name of the website. It will probably be something close to the actual website URL but funnier for movie fans.

The internet has a played a part in the plot of countless movies. In some cases it's a brief mention that just moves the story along but in others it's a main focus that actually drives the storyline. Here are ten movies that use fake websites. Some of the website names might be even more popular than the actual movie.

FleshoftheStars.com from Knocked-Up

From the moment it becomes obvious what Ben and his friends are up to with all their movie watching for moments of celebs naked, the audience has a good chuckle because there really is such a website called Mr. Skin. When the guys are finally let in on one of the worst kept secrets in the world (someone beat them to it) it's even funnier because the website would exist in the one place it's fine to have one (or even a thousand knock-offs) and no one would care or notice. Ask any perv that spends his late nights browsing for naked screenshots of Alyssa Milano if he cares which website has such a collection, he probably will be too "busy" to answer. I'll answer for him; he doesn't care. Flesh of the Stars could make just as much money, it's all about the dedication of the staff. Looking back at said staff (Jason Segal, Rogen, Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel) that website is never making it past beta.

In Real Life: Fleshofthestars.com does exist, and in a smart business move, it points to MrSkin.com.  


CyberNanny.com from 40 Days and 40 Nights

"Some days I think that if I have to look at another blowjob I'll scream." --Erica on her job as a Cyber Nanny. It's funny to think that people have an actual job like surfing the web all day and blocking porn websites so kids can't find them. It's also funny to think people have a job that entails creating porn websites all day long. Bet this isn't how they imagined life turning out back in high school. While there are websites that do block kids from internet smut, the idea was ahead of its time.

In Real Life: Cybernanny.com is for sale and they are only interested in serious offers. I'd love to hear about some of the not so serious inquires they've received from people.


Vag-tasticVoyage.com from Superbad

"Hey, man, I was doing some research for next year and I think I figured out which website I wanna subscribe to. The Vag-Tastic Voyage."-- Seth. The name is funny for two reasons; first, it just is. Period. Vag-Tastic Voyage is a clever porn website name. Kick in the fact I've made up my mind it somehow involves Coolio and that takes it over the edge. Secondly, every guy knows this name convention fits in perfectly with actual website names that specialize in porn. Captain Stabbin or Bang Bros anyone? Put your hands down. It must really be a top notch website for Seth to pick it above all others, real or fictional.

In Real Life: Vagtasticvoyage.com sadly points to the official movie website for Superbad. Just gonna put that Jergens right back under the sink.


MoviePoopShoot.com from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

The scene really says it all.  Obviously websites like Movie Poop Shoot do exist and Kevin Smith had been blasted on them so why not poke fun back. Double points for Affleck poking fun at himself.

In Real Life: Moviepoopshoot.com points to a website called Fred. It's actually a pretty entertaining website. I recommend the interview section. 


BuyNLarge.com from Wall-E

Ironic that Disney is behind a movie touting one huge corporation controlling the world. It might not have a stake in everything but it's slowing getting its gloved mouse paws on most of the entertainment world. The idea behind Buy N Large is going to happen some day. One massive "mega-corporation" that controls every facet of our lives. Maybe that isn't as funny as it sounds. The website itself was humorous with press releases like "BnL Annual Report: The musical released" and "Wisconsin Mall Granted City Status." If it ever gets to that point, people like yours truly will be out of a job, thanks to the fact that the world would really only need one website for everything, and you better believe I wouldn't make the editorial team.

In Real Life:
The BnL website is still up and running but the mail link points to the Disney Pixar website.


DiaperRush.com from A Lot Like Love

Well, first it's funny that any Ashton Kutcher movie makes a list that doesn't involve the words "sucks" or "die," but the premise behind the website is humorous, especially if you're a parent. The number of diapers a baby goes through in a day is obscene. God forbid you leave the house without back-ups. I'd probably be interested in a website that offered this service. It would also be helpful if they took the baby off my hands for a good 8-10 hours a day. My awesome blogs don't write themselves, I could use the extra time to work on them.

In Real Life: Diaperrush.com points to a parked website linking out to baby accessories. Looks like someone besides me did watch this movie.


SouthHarmonInstituteofTechnology from Accepted

Anyone that has applied to college remembers the hassle. Then when you finally decided, it was almost a competition with other classmates. You're going where? Never heard of it. Chances are they've never heard of the majority of colleges and universities across the US. That's what makes South Harmon Institute of Technology such a great idea. An even better idea than actual college.

In Real Life: Not sure of the actual URL from the movie, I checked southharmoninstituteoftechnology.com, and it was purchased. Of course it was. Also, don't check out shit.com That's not the movie website either. You've been warned.


WheelieBlog.org from Clerks 2

Kevin Smith once again working the internet into his films. Funny only because it's fictional. If a guy really had nothing better to do with his life then make fun of a man in a wheelchair, then, well he'd be the perfect character in a Kevin Smith movie. Sadly, people like this probably exist.

In Real Life: Wheelieblog.org isn't working, which is surprising, considering Smith's love of the internet and other people's love of buying URL's mentioned in movies.


KillWithMe.com from Untraceable

This is what makes this movie so damn scary; the idea that if thousands upon thousands of people are told not to do something, obviously, they will do it. If this website did indeed exist, you know people would click it out of morbid curiosity. Hell, I would at least once. Even if it meant someone might die. Don't look at my copy like that. Whatever, YOU'RE the bad person.

In Real Life: Killwithme.com actually works and looks exactly like it did in the movie. Don't ask me what it does, I was too damn scared to click through. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.


Lougle from hot tub time machine

Who wouldn't love to go back in time and take credit for inventing some of the most popular websites in the world. It's a better idea than Biff and the sports betting scheme in Back To The Future 2. While I couldn't find a clip of Lou (played by Rob Corddry) inventing Lougle (his own personally named search engine--very similar to what we all know as Google) here is a great clip of Lou's other big claim to fame. Lead singer of the band Motley Lue.

In Real Life: Lougle.com points to a personal Flickr account from a user named Lougle. It consists of several hundred pictures of landscapes. I only wish I could find hot tub time machine to go back to the moments before I clicked on the website and stop myself from wasting an hour looking at some random dude's pictures.

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