Good women's movies are tough to come by, especially these days, as Hollywood churns out romantic comedy schlock at the beginning of each year that makes women come off as over-emotional, materialistic and slightly caddy. However, there are a number of classic women's movies that have been made over the years that will save women out there a trip to the local theaters. Check out these five strong women's movies.

"Thelma and Louise".

Top notch male director Ridley Scott directed this epic film about two women who leave their boring and abusive domestic lives behind and go for liberation. The film stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis and may be the quintessential female power movie that is actually good.


This charming, cute and beautifully shot French film follows Amelie, the titular character, as she decides to do good things for the people around her, ultimately finding love by doing so. She is someone that every woman kind of wants to be, as well as a woman men desire. 

"The Contender".

As political films are usually men's territory, "The Contender" is unique in the sense that it focuses on a woman politician who has had a dodgy sexual past and is grilled by a political opponent. This puts a female character in the center of the ring and shows a woman could survive in a man's world.


Perhaps one of the most famous women's films, "Beaches" tells the story of women from two different social classes who have had a lifelong friendship. It will bring just about anyone to tears at the end. Plus, to close it out, there's that song you won't be able to stop singing for a few days.

"When Harry Met Sally".

All the bad romantic comedies that are regularly released in Hollywood are desperately trying to be "When Harry Met Sally," Rob Reiner's modern classic starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. This film is smart, funny and wonderful, as it charts how two people met, continued to cross paths, became friends and ultimately fell in love over a number of years. It will keep you from ever putting up with a bad romantic comedy ever again.