Will Smith and 6 Other Slap-Happy Celebs

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"Welcome ta Earf!" 

As if forcing people to watch Men In Black III wasn’t punishment enough, Will Smith is making headlines for slapping a Ukrainian reporter at the sequel’s Moscow premiere. In all fairness, the reporter was getting a little fresh by trying to put his mouth on Will’s mouth. Was Will in the wrong here? Ask yourself how you would have reacted. I mean, the dude didn’t even try to set the mood first. It’s as if romance is simply dead.

Personally, I think the reporter got off easy after attempting to be a creep in public. It’s only cute when Sacha Baron Cohen does it. Here are six other instances of slap-happy celebrities.

Burt Reynolds

Of course, there are worse crimes than on-the-mouth kissing. For instance, not being familiar with the master works of Burt Reynolds. Reynolds slapped a CBS reporter on the red carpet of The Longest Yard remake when he revealed he hadn’t seen Burt’s 1974 original. Burt insists that he was just joking around, because these guys are such great pals and all. Good times Burt! I wonder how often he and Bert Convy slapped one another around for laughs.

Dr. D

Pro Wrestler Punches Reporter – Watch More Funny Videos

It’s a hard lesson to learn but apparently wrestling is not fake. Lesson learned.


Bjork must really believe that any press is good press. For example, remember when she went absolutely house on a reporter in a Thailand airport? It’s a pretty confusing attack. Bjork is walking through the airport. The reporter says “Welcome to Bangkok.” Bitch goes off.

Not really sure how that warrants such a strong response. Maybe Bjork thought she was going to get punched in the dick? It’s always the oh-so-quiet ones you need to watch out for.

Steve Carell

Wow. Hollywood “Nice Guy” really shows his true colors here.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell was accused of attacking and slapping a photographer while on vacation in Italy. Campbell’s reps have denied the attack occurred but, if true, it wouldn’t be her first rodeo. Between 1998 and 2008, Campbell has been accused of attacking people ten times. That includes personal assistants, housekeepers, maids, an actress, her drug therapist, and even cops. Chick is like the Jason Vorhees of the modeling world.

Omar Sharif

Acting legend Omar Sharif laid the smackdown on a female fan eager to take a picture with him. It happened on the red carpet outside the Doha Tribeca Film Festival when the fan approached the actor. He cursed her out in Arabic demanding that she wait her turn before striking her. Moments later, she got her picture. What a keepsake.

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