Who will play Moe Howard in the Farrell Brothers' upcoming Three Stooges movie? While Will Sasso has been cast as Curly, and Sean Hayes landed the role of Larry, the fate of Moe is stil up in the air. Hank Azaria and Johnny Knoxville have been rumored for a while, but nobody really knows for sure. Rather than wait around for an "official announcement" like some sort of ass, we've decided to get the ball rolling with following five possibilities.

Rob McElhenney

McElhenney is certainly funny enough, but does he look the part? Well, sort of...around the eyes. Ah, who cares. You can slap a bowl cut on anyone and turn them into Moe.

Johnny Galecki

Galecki as been on several hit television shows including "Roseanne" and "Big Bang Theory." Even before his work in television, he starred along side Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. The next logical step is the Three Stooges movie. OK, that's an exaggeration, but he's definitely in contention.

Judah Friedlander

Judah Friedlander is hilarious on"30 Rock", among other things. Plus his names is Judah. All the Stooges were Jews, but not one has been cast thus far. Someone has to represent for the tribe!

Nick Kroll

With shows like"The League" and "Best Week Ever" under his belt, Kroll certainly has an impressive resume. And the fact that he was involved with "Cavemen," the sitcom based off the GEICO ads, shows that he's prepared to handle failure, which will come in handy when Three Stooges inevitably bombs.

Nick Offerman

People seem to love Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson on"Parks and Recreation." So why wouldn't they love him as Moe Howard? Oh, because it's a drastically different character that looks nothing like Offerman? I see. Still, he's often hurtful with his words on "Parks and Rec.". This would give him the chance to be hurtful with his finger pokes.