There's been no shortage of cinematic boogymen throughout the years. One of the most feared is Michael Myers, of the Halloween film series. While his history of bloodshed is indisputable, it has occurred to us that comic actor Mike Myers has had a reign of terror that is arguably more horrific. We took a look back at the long careers of both men to answer, once and for all, a question that has haunted us for decades. Who is more terrifying: Michael Myers or Mike Myers?


Often the most terrifying thing about a villain is their origin story. Michael Myers began his pattern of serial killings as a six-year-old boy in the quiet town of Haddonfield, Illinois. Mike Myers, however, launched his career from the place we least expected: Canada. I'm numb with fear just thinking about it.

Point: Mike Myers

Body Count:

The easiest way to gauge horror factor is by shear number of kills. Michael Myers has this wrapped up, with an on screen body count dating back to 1978 and nearing triple digits as of 2009's Halloween 2 remake. But while he might lack quantity in this department, Mike Myers more than makes up for it in quality. His most famous movie kill occurred when he (off screen) murdered the Sprockets film project in 2000, dashing the hopes of Dieter fans everywhere, and destroying David Hasselhoff's plans to install a swimming pool with his Sprocket's cameo check. The deaths of dozens of fictional babysitters edge this out... barely.

Point: Michael Myers

Range of Terror:

Nothing is more frightening than a threat that can reach you anywhere. Michael Myers has mostly just caused trouble in his hometown of Haddonfield. He went as far as California for Halloween: H20, but beyond that, the rest of the world was safe. Mike Myers first struck at us in our very homes, through our televisions, as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Sure, he was actually funny back then, but thats how he gained our trust! Despicable!

Point: Mike Myers

Family (Dis)Loyalty:

Michael Myers' most common pursuit was his long lost sister, usually played by Jamie Lee Curtis. He tried to kill her in several Halloween movies and remakes, and even succeeded in Halloween: Resurrection! (Stop whining. It doesn't count as a spoiler if you never planned to watch it anyways). Mike Myers has certainly never committed fratricide, but he did stand by and allow his SNL brother and Wayne's World co-star Dana Carvey to drop of the movie map completely. You had three Austin Powers films, and you couldn't hook up Garth with one cameo? WTF, Mike?

Point: Michael Myers


Michael Myers has proved unkillable throughout nine blood drenched movies. In Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, it was explained that he was kept alive thanks to black magic originating from the insidious Cult of Thorn. Mike Myers has kept his career on life support with the hit series of Shrek films, and patiently waits for a complete resurrection with the inevitable Austin Powers 4. All thanks to the insidious Cult of Creatively Bankrupt Hollywood Producers.

Point: Michael Myers

Element of Surprise

Nothing is scarier than a threat popping up when and where you least expect it. Michael Myers is infamous for his sneak attack on poor Annie Brackett from the backseat of her car in the first Halloween film. Mike Myers shocked the world with his surprise appearance as British General Fenech in Inglorious Basterds. Even more shocking: it didn't suck.

Point: Mike Myers

Worst Offense

The ultimate way to judge a force of evil is by evaluating its single worst offense. Michael Myers has a long list, but perhaps his most brutal crime was murdering his own young niece, Jamie, using a corn thresher. Mike Myers worst offense, however, is starring in the 2008 Horror masterpiece The Love Guru. I witnessed this disgusting film's offensively bad trailer in front of at least five different films that year, and it made me cringe in terror each time.

This final point to goes to Mike Myers. At 4-3, he is truly more terrifying than Michael Myers.

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