Who Is More Terrifying: Michael Myers or Mike Myers?

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The horror! 

There’s been no shortage of cinematic boogymen throughout the years. One of the most feared is Michael Myers, of the Halloween film series. While his history of bloodshed is indisputable, it has occurred to us that comic actor Mike Myers has had a reign of terror that is arguably more horrific. We took a look back at the long careers of both men to answer, once and for all, a question that has haunted us for decades. Who is more terrifying: Michael Myers or Mike Myers?


Often the most terrifying thing about a villain is their origin story. Michael Myers began his pattern of serial killings as a six-year-old boy in the quiet town of Haddonfield, Illinois. Mike Myers, however, launched his career from the place we least expected: Canada. I’m numb with fear just thinking about it.

Point: Mike Myers

Body Count:

The easiest way to gauge horror factor is by shear number of kills. Michael Myers has this wrapped up, with an on screen body count dating back to 1978 and nearing triple digits as of 2009‘s Halloween 2 remake. But while he might lack quantity in this department, Mike Myers more than makes up for it in quality. His most famous movie kill occurred when he (off screen) murdered the Sprockets film project in 2000, dashing the hopes of Dieter fans everywhere, and destroying David Hasselhoff‘s plans to install a swimming pool with his Sprocket’s cameo check. The deaths of dozens of fictional babysitters edge this out… barely.

Point: Michael Myers

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