Stormy weather can do so much more than dump buckets of rain or tons of snow on the cold and shivering masses. It can also churn up drama, suspense and some awesome visual effects. Watching characters deal with the storm from Hell can make for an entertaining couple of hours.

These five weather-related movies should find a spot in your five-day forecast:

"The Perfect Storm" (2000):

This fact-based tale deals with a group of fisherman who get stuck in the mother of all storms out on the Atlantic Ocean. Their commercial fishing vessel, Andrea Gail, was lost at sea during the storm in October, 1991. “The Perfect Storm” recreates monster waves that are a sight to behold and mixes it perfectly with the terror of six men facing their certain demise.

"Twister" (1996):

The main plot involving quarreling lovers who work as storm chasers is not all that interesting. It is fun, however, to watch a series of tornados wreak havoc and throw everything imaginable through the air in "Twister." Just suspend your disbelief when you see the heroes miraculously escaping the worst twisters unscathed.

"The Day After Tomorrow" (2004):

Bad science abounds from start to finish in “The Day After Tomorrow” as catastrophic global climate changes occur in a matter of weeks that would take centuries to happen in real life. Still, it is fun to see crazy weather take place. Where else can you see New York City become buried in a newly formed glacier? Snow and ice abound as the survivors search for creative ways to keep from starving to death or being eaten by hungry animals.

"Hard Rain" (1998):

One thing to love about the action flick "Hard Rain" is how it combines two disparate genres into one. You have a heist movie with thieves descending on a small town to seize $3 million in cash. They must deal with rising flood waters caused by the weather-related problem of the title and a corrupt sheriff who would love nothing more than to dispatch them all, so he can take the money and run. Every character gets soaking wet long enough to catch hypothermia.

"An Inconvenient Truth" (2006):

Once Al Gore stopped disputing vote counts in Florida, he set about convincing us all that the environment is in mortal danger because of global warming. Mission accomplished. "An Inconvenient Truth" documents crazy weather across the globe as evidence that global warming is at hand. Gore won an Academy Award and we all got a stark reminder that Mother Nature isn't fooling around any longer.