When Bad Movies Happen To Good Directors

Monday, December 12 by

The Rookie – Clint Eastwood

Boom. Expectations again. At this point, Clint Eastwood had made a name for himself as a director, but mostly in the genre of westerns. This was hardly a glorious transition. Though it’s not awful, this film is doesn’t do anything to utilize Eastwood nor Charlie Sheen’s talent as actors. The fact that this could have different leads and play as a generic movie at midnight on Showtime is the clincher. There’s virtually nothing memorable about this movie, and that should have been clear to Eastwood after reading the script.

Psycho – Gus Van Sant

What a waste. I don’t like all of Van Sant’s films, especially when they border on silent films or bottle episodes (Elephant and Gerry), but I appreciate the creative leaps. Remaking Psycho shot-for-shot was certainly daring, but also wildly misguided. What was the upside? He makes a perfect recreation of the Hitchcock classic without any of the

Tim Burton – Planet of the Apes

A remake or derivative film is always a dicier proposition for a director than it is an actor, and Tim Burton, lauded for his original takes, was panned for this uninspired and high-budget project. In hindsight, this film deserves special recognition as the film that caused him to turn the corner into remake hell such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and even Sweeney Todd (though that one was leaps and bounds ahead of the other two).

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