There are many actors gracing the silver and small screens who we know the name of almost instantaneously, but what about the 'what's his name' actors you recognize but never know their name? These actors are just as important to the film’s success, as they do as much work, but may not end up with the name recognition of these aforementioned stars.

Joe Pantoliano.

Born in 1951 in Hoboken, New Jersey is an extremely famous guy you see in movies and on tv but may not know the name offhand. Pantoliano’s first role of impact was in the Tom Cruis film “Risky Business” as the villian 'Guido the Killer Pimp.' Since then he has appeared in such films as "The Goonies", "La Bamba", 

Paul Giamatti.

Giamatti was born in 1967 and started out his career in 1991 in “Past Midnight.” Playing differing roles, Giamatti has been nominated and won various awards. You may have seen Giamatti in films such as Howard Stern’s "Private Parts", "Man on the Moon", "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Negotiator." Giamatti has played lead roles in "John Adams", "Lady in the Water" and "Sideways", which is unusual for a character actor.

Michael Ironside

A Canadian actor, he was born in 1951. Ironside is versatile, as he has directed, written and produced various projects in addition to acting. Ironside has perfected the villain and tough man role to a tee. Ironside first came to prominence as the physic villain Revok in "Scanners." Since then, he has gone on to star in "Top Gun", "Total Recall", "Starship Troopers", "Terminator Salvation", "The Machinist" and "X-Men: First Class." He has also done TV work, such as "V: The Final Battle" and "seaQuest DSV."

Michael Rooker

Born in 1955, in Jasper, Alabama, is another famed character actor. Rooker took up acting and studied in Chicago, at the Goodman School of Drama. Rooker tends to play villainous characters, for example, his first role was that of crazed serial killer Henry in "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer." He has gone on to star in films such as "The Bone Collector", "Mississippi Burning", "JFK" and "Tombstone." He is currently starring in the TV series, "The Walking Dead," playing the villainous Merle Dixon.  

Clint Howard

Born in 1959, in Burbank, California. Clint Howard is the brother of actor and director Ron Howard. Howard started his acting career as a child actor, starring "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Star Trek." Howard has always played a role in the films directed by his brother, Ron, such as "Cocoon," "Apollo 13" and Backdraft."  Howard is known for playing deranged, crazed and weird characters. In "The Ice Cream Man," he plays a killer ice cream vendor. In the "Waterboy," he played a crazed football fan and in the TV series "Seinfeld," he played an escaped serial murderer.