What Could Be Living On The Newly-Discovered Planet, Kepler-22b?

Tuesday, December 6 by

Man-Eating Aliens

This is the worst thing we have to fear — creatures that might want to eat us. They could be snarling alien beasts, giant bugs, or even dinosaurs. We need to go in their with weapons locked and loaded. Should the alien menace prove to strong, we have a second wave waiting to nuke them from orbit. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to our dinosaurs.

Man-Eating Alien Ghosts

What could be scarier than a man-eating alien? How about the ghost of a man-eating alien? Here on Earth we expel our ghosts with incense, prayer, and calm reasoning. I doubt that works on alien ghosts. Besides, prayers vary from solar system to solar system. I guess the bigger question is, “Why do these ghosts want to eat us so badly?” It won’t keep them alive. If it’s an oral fixation, they should just take up smoking or something.

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