What Are You Lookin’ At Boy? 6 Of The Most Racist Characters In Movie History

Wednesday, January 4 by Steve Silverman

Buck Grotowski, Monster’s Ball

Buck Grotowski.jpg

Hank Grotowski is a prison guard in Louisiana who is a blatant racist. He got his attitude from his father Buck (played by Peter Boyle), who lives with him. After assisting in the execution of a black prisoner, Hank Grotowski ends up helping the prisoner’s widow, a woman named Leticia Musgrove(played by Halle Berry). His racist attitudes dissolve and he falls in love with Leticia, in stark contrast to his father whose attitudes never wane.

Freddie Lee Cobb, A Time to Kill

Freddie Lee Cobb keifer sutherland.jpg

A young black girl is raped in Mississippi and her father murders the two racists accused of the crime. He goes on trial for murder. Freddie Lee Cobb (played by Kiefer Sutherland), is the brother of one of the two men who were accused of the rape. Cobb leads a Ku Klux Klan attack on defense attorney Jake Brigance and eventually tries to shoot the lawyer. Cobb is the leading racist in a hate-filled culture.

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