What Are You Lookin’ At Boy? 6 Of The Most Racist Characters In Movie History

Wednesday, January 4 by Steve Silverman

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The hatred and ugliness of racism has been portrayed quite clearly and memorably in many films. The most racist characters in movie history wear their hatred on their sleeves. In some cases, those racists may change some of their core beliefs when they realize they have been operating out of fear and ignorance. In other cases, those racists are shown to be non-thinking, non-compassionate individuals whose racist behavior gets worse.

Bob Ewell, To Kill A Mockingbird

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This was an award-winning movie released in 1962 that went a long way towards educating Americans about racism and its inherent ugliness. Bob Ewell (played by James K. Anderson) is the father of a white girl in Maycomb, Alabama who tells authorities she has been raped by a black man. The girl has actually been assaulted by her father. Atticus Finch is the attorney who represents the black man accused of the crime. Finch is probably as reviled as the accused because he is attempting to defend a black man. Ewell’s inherent racism is so deep that he eventually attacks Finch’s young daughter, who is saved from the attack by a misunderstood neighbor.

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