A home for creative filmmakers from all spectrums, the New York Film Festival has been one of the biggest events in film since its creation in 1963. Often abbreviated NYFF, the New York Film Festival was started by Amos Vogel and Richard Roud, two of the more prominent and influential figures in the film industry at that time.  From its conception, the festival has always been a place where film is celebrated as an art form, where box office numbers and dollar signs don’t matter as much as emotional connections. For this reason, the New York Film Festival continues to be a major focal point for artists and fans alike.

One of the major goals of the New York Film Festival has been to recognize and celebrate new filmmakers on an international level. This is a goal that has been well accomplished over the last several decades. In its first year alone the Festival saw films from Brazil, Japan, Greece, Italy, Poland, France, Hungary, Argentina, and the United Kingdom. Since then the trend has only expanded leaving virtually every corner of the globe represented at one point or another. The festival has become a place where individuals from all over the world come together and learn from each other, enhancing the awareness and understanding of film.

In 2011 the 49th annual New York Film Festival kicks off September 30th and will go until October 16th. Like always the festival is open to the public and will have a number of different activities that promote film. The festival will include the “Main Slate” film selections as well as panel discussions with some of today’s best filmmakers, the experimental films showcase, and other special activities yet to be announced. A complete schedule, as well as ticket information, will be released to the public on September 11th in the New York Times.

To submit a film, you myst pay an entry fee.  However, you don’t have to submit a film or even be a filmmaker to enjoy the festival. As a fan, the New York Film Festival is a great alternative to watching a movie on the small screen at home.