We Ranked Nic Cage’s Remakes & Sequels In Order Of Watchability

Tuesday, February 21 by

Vintage Cage – Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

(Some might say this isn’t a true sequel or a remake, but it’s got “Bad Lieutenant” in the title, so deal with it.)

If you’ve ever seen a Werner Herzog film, then you already know that this review is headed to Looneyville in a hurry. The 1992 original was anchored by an outstanding Harvey Keitel performance, but the 2009 version saw Cage dial up his creep factor to 11; smoking crack, pinching elderly women’s oxygen tanks, and hallucinating visions of grandeur (and iguanas). As with most Herzog, Bad Lieutenant is a narrative mess, ending on a particularly bizarre scene involving an aquarium that would likely piss off most movie-going audiences. That being said, it’s got Nic Cage performing vintage Nic Cage, and some great supporting roles turned by Val Kilmer and Xzibit to boot.

The Best of the Best – Gone in Sixty Seconds

That’s right, we said it. Though the 2000 remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds received overly negative reviews, so did the original, and this one had freakin’ Robert Duvall, Timothy Olyphant, and Angelina Jolie rocking the hell out of some blonde dreadlocks. Add in some killer cars, some awesome chases, and War’s “Lowrider,” and you’ve got yourself an hour and a half of auto-fueled glory, not unlike the 1976 film that inspired it. I have already promised the name Memphis Raines to my first child, regardless of its gender. Here’s hoping it’s a boy.

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