We Ranked Nic Cage’s Remakes & Sequels In Order Of Watchability

Tuesday, February 21 by

Meh – National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Believe it or not, aside from the upcoming Ghost Rider sequel, this film is the only other sequel in Cage’s incredibly long list of credentials. Pretty crazy considering the man has been in nearly twenty films in the past FIVE YEARS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!…

…Anyway, this sequel was eerily similar to that of the first, but it was entertaining enough, so we’ll give it a pass. It’s got Ed Harris doing his whole sinister bad guy thing, and Dame Helen Mirren, whose mere appearance raises the quality of any film to at least a B.

For the Ladies – City of Angels

This one’s hard to rank; it’s an incredibly loose remake of the 1987 German film Wings of Desire, and to be fair, Cage is pretty good in it. He chose to play a mere angel rather than God, but only because he didn’t want the film to come off as an autobiography.

City of Angels was formulaic to a degree, and a sapfest at times, but on the upside, Meg Ryan still had her face, so that’s gotta be worth something…right? In either case, it’s better than Twilight, so save it for a date night.

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