We Got An Early Copy Of The Wayans Family Christmas Card

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Hey Gang! Keenan here! Is it Christmas time already? Yikes! While 2011 was certainly no 1995 for the Wayans family, there is no shortage of news to report from our camp. A year older and a year wiser, I think you’ll see that some of us have branched out to new things, some of us stuck with the winning Wayans formula, and one of us got arrested. Needless to say, we’ve had our hands full, so let’s get right to it, as keeping up with the Wayanses is way more daunting than keeping up with the Kardashians!

Just kidding. Those gals marry so many black guys we can’t help but love ‘em!

Let’s see what’s going on with the family:


Look out, Kim! Little Man's behind you!

Kim has largely shunned the limelight in recent years. (Or has the limelight shunned her? LOL! JK, Kim!!!!) Her last endeavor was a series of children’s books that follow a girl who makes the leap from being homeschooled to life at public school. The series was titled Amy Hodgepodge, and received critical acclaim for many sources.

I know I’m not alone in the family when I say that these books fell flat. The character wasn’t ridiculous or in-your-face at all, and the books were made with the involvement of only one Wayans – Kim. When I learned this, I was skeptical that a Wayans could undertake a project with out the help of myriad other Wayanses.

I think the involvement of myself and, I dunno, let’s say Damon, could have made these books way better. We still talk to Kim, but things aren’t the same.



Shawn had a VERY eventful year. You may remember that Shawn got his start as DJ SW-1 on In Living Color. Well, since his Little Man days appear to be well behind him, he’ taken up the 1’s and 2’s again, DJing at clubs across the nation. His career was looking very promising, as he had scored an opening spot at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. However, as you might have read, there was an altercation at Light in Las Vegas the night before and Shawn was arrested, but not charged for trying to assault Tyler Perry with a bottle of Ciroc Vodka.

Shawn would like to use this opportunity to say that the attack WAS provoked, contrary to every eyewitness account, though he won’t specify what TP said. Shawn recently got his 30-day chip from anger management class and is looking forward to resuming his club DJ tour as soon as he’s allowed to be near alcohol again.

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