We Cast The 2012 Republican Candidates

Wednesday, October 12 by

Rick Perry Portrayed by Ted McGinley

Sure. The obvious choice is Josh Brolin, but does he have Love Boat AND Happy Days experience? I think not. That’s why Ted McGinley is deserving of the chance to play the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. I feel that the lessons imparted upon him by Captain Merrill Stubing are more than enough to form a great future leader.

Michele Bachmann Portrayed by Batboy

I had nothing to do with the creation of this wonderful comparison but when I see something this spot-on, I jump on it. Kudos to whomever put this together. It’s about time Batboy got his shot at something a bit more heavy than the roles in horror films and nature documentaries that currently pay his bills.

Ro Paul Portrayed by Ian McKellen

If this casting goes through, Ian McKellen would be Gandalf AND Magneto AND Ron Paul. Deal with it.

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