We Cast The 2012 Republican Candidates

Wednesday, October 12 by

Rick Santorum Portrayed by Aiden Gillen

No stranger to the political table, Aiden Gillen could parlay his experience of playing mayoral candidate Tommy Carcetti on The Wire into playing Republican nominee Rick Santorum. He’s certainly used to eating sh*t.

Tim Pawlenty Portrayed by Ken Jennings

Though he’s dropped out of the race, Tim Pawlenty could still be an important character for the film’s world building. And who better to play him than the smartest man in the world, Ken Jennings? A trained actor, you say? Pshaw!

Newt Gingrich Portrayed by Richard Griffiths

With the Harry Potter film series having come to a close, British character-actor Richard Griffiths could use the work. The role of former Speaker of the House Gingrich could be a difficult one for him to embody. He’ll need to start having an affair and breaking U.S. tax laws if he wants to find the character.

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