Last night's Republican presidential debate gave America a lot to think about. How sensible is Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan? Is Mitt Romeny a flip-flopper? Does Rick Santorum kinda look like somebody... an actor, maybe. You know the guy I mean. Hmmm.

Like I said, a lot to think about. And should Hollywood look to tell the story of these Republican candidates, here are the actors and entertainers who could easily be cast to play them.

Herman Cain Portrayed by Biff Henderson

I'm sure he has excellent union benefits, but it's time that The Late Show's Biff Henderson took on a bigger role. His recent performance as "Cappy" in Larry Crowne doesn't count. Biff deserves to be in a movie that people see. Though I can't imagine Biff launching volleys against the Occupy Wall Street protesters. He's much more likely to make them look ridiculous in a pre-taped segment.

Mitt Romney Portrayed by Henry Czerny

As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney eliminated a $3 million deficit. As Kittridge in Mission: Impossible, Henry Czerny walked around wearing a trench coat. That's good enough for me! Cast the man, dammit.

Jon Huntsman Portrayed by Peter Berg

Should Battleship take a pounding at the box office, director Peter Berg may want to consider a return to acting. What better way than by taking the high profile role of Utah Governor Jon Huntsman? Of course, if other candidates for the role do some digging and discover his role in Corky Romano, he may be forced to resign from the race.

Rick Santorum Portrayed by Aiden Gillen

No stranger to the political table, Aiden Gillen could parlay his experience of playing mayoral candidate Tommy Carcetti on The Wire into playing Republican nominee Rick Santorum. He's certainly used to eating sh*t.

Tim Pawlenty Portrayed by Ken Jennings

Though he's dropped out of the race, Tim Pawlenty could still be an important character for the film's world building. And who better to play him than the smartest man in the world, Ken Jennings? A trained actor, you say? Pshaw!

Newt Gingrich Portrayed by Richard Griffiths

With the Harry Potter film series having come to a close, British character-actor Richard Griffiths could use the work. The role of former Speaker of the House Gingrich could be a difficult one for him to embody. He'll need to start having an affair and breaking U.S. tax laws if he wants to find the character.

Rick Perry Portrayed by Ted McGinley

Sure. The obvious choice is Josh Brolin, but does he have Love Boat AND Happy Days experience? I think not. That's why Ted McGinley is deserving of the chance to play the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. I feel that the lessons imparted upon him by Captain Merrill Stubing are more than enough to form a great future leader.

Michele Bachmann Portrayed by Batboy

I had nothing to do with the creation of this wonderful comparison but when I see something this spot-on, I jump on it. Kudos to whomever put this together. It's about time Batboy got his shot at something a bit more heavy than the roles in horror films and nature documentaries that currently pay his bills.

Ro Paul Portrayed by Ian McKellen

If this casting goes through, Ian McKellen would be Gandalf AND Magneto AND Ron Paul. Deal with it.