Watch These 8 Iconic Coke Scenes, Then Find Out Where We’re Going Late-Night

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The Departed

In a scene that even Tony Montana would find decadent, Frank Costello goes from the opera to a bedroom, throwing handfuls of coke on two women in the same fashion that most people will throw dice. After covering one girl in coke, he tells the other, “There it is. Don’t move till you’re numb.”

It reminds me of camping with my Uncle Horace. He ain’t around no more.

Annie Hall

This is among the most famous cocaine scenes in film. Don’t do coke with Woody Allen. Not because he’ll sneeze and blow it all away like an asshole, but because I’m imagining what Woody Allen is like on cocaine, and the thought makes me want to scream and punch someone. Cocaine has never made a person less neurotic. In fact, it generally swings them the other way, so getting Woody all jacked up so that he can machine gun-out more “eehhhhs” and “euahahs” sounds antithetical to a good time, or even a tolerable time.

Boogie Nights

This deleted scene encapsulates a sleazy coke experience better than any other entry on this list. Eddie, Reed, and Todd are all sitting around a table, sweaty-faced, snorting rails at some indeterminate time in the morning/afternoon, during which they rave on about lifting weights, finishing production on their new album (You Got the Touch!), and how Todd feels the need to always control everything. The truest representation here is that they sit around while the others speak, not listening, but just waiting impatiently for their turn to talk.

Just like at your creepy friend’s house at 4 AM. The only way this could be more true-to-life is if someone just put a gun down on the table for no reason.

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