Watch These 8 Iconic Coke Scenes, Then Find Out Where We’re Going Late-Night

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You know you’ve made it in America when you’re chopping lines with the side of your hand, or simply dipping your face into a pile of blow. You have a little bit of coke on your nose there, Tony. Other signs Tony exhibits that he’s “made it”:

Grenade Launcher

“The World Is Yours” fountain

Sex with Michelle Pfeiffer

While there is no shortage of coke scenes to choose from, this is one of the best. You know you may have done too much coke when you get shot a dozen or so times and still don’t fall over.

True Romance

You want to see a bag of drugs explode in Balky from Perfect Strangers’ face moments before a cop approaches him?

(I assume you said yes.)

Here it is. This sets the wheels in motion for the final shootout scene, as Balky is made an informant that brings the cops to the coke buy. Lots of people end up dead, which is why you never, ever snitch or carry more than a couple grams on you at any time, even in LA. Even in the early 90’s.

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